Design & Build

We will obtain a detailed project brief over the phone and come out and visit you onsite and go through your project brief and answer any questions you may have. We then go and prepare a fixed price quotation.

Once we been engaged and have the signed fee proposal and the initial deposit has been paid, we will begin to engage all of the consultants required to get planning and design underway.

This is where we find out about you and your requirements. Your house needs to suit you and your lifestyle and how you are going to live. The more information we have at the beginning will help us to create a design that will suit your requirements but most importantly will be buildable with your allowed project budget.

We will issue the preliminary design drawings for your review. This is your chance to make changes and adjustments to the plans at the early stages. We will advise you of how we believe these requests for changes will affect the project budget.

From here we make the agreed changes to the design and will engage preliminary engineering advice. The structural components of your home make up a large part of the budget so it is essential to have this input at this stage so we can stay on track.

Based on the preliminary drawings, engineering and your nominated finishes and specifications from our initial meeting we will put together a detailed costing analysis of the project and present this to you in person. This is the perfect time to discuss the project and budget. If we need to find some budgetary reductions this is the time. We normally start with changing or reducing fixtures and inclusions.

Based on step 6 we will amend the drawings to suit requirements.

We will now go into full documentation mode. This is where we finalise the building plans and give the engineer the green light to finalise the structural plans.

Based off the full documentation set will go out to all suppliers and contractors for costing and we will put together a fixed price build quote and project schedule.

This is the exciting part. Once we have agreed on the project scope, cost and timeline we will issue a build contract. Once this is signed and deposit is paid we will begin to schedule works and get underway.