Design + build a new home in Brisbane with Bluebird

Posted on: February 25, 2022



Design + build a new home in Brisbane with Bluebird

When we first set out our goal was, and still is, to bridge the disconnect between the design process and the building process. We knew of the disappointment and heartache that so many people experience when getting aspirational plans drawn up by an Architect or Building Designer, only to find the build costs would be way outside their budget.

This has encouraged us to provide a solution in the market where this huge gap seems to be. Our hope is that we can align creative designs within our client’s budgets to create amazing, luxury homes they really want to live in – because good design has a significant impact on the way we live our lives.

So what is a custom home?

When you hear the word ‘custom’ it means a bespoke, individually designed home, specific to a client’s site, lifestyle, and how they would use the space. Where some project home builders have set and forget plans that are inflexible and repeatable, we design and build homes that work for you, so everything is considered.

A unique home, designed just for you

As individuals, we’re all different. This is why we take a very collaborative and inclusive approach to working with our clients.

When you engage with Bluebird, we work with you and welcome you to share your inspirations with us, as this can help form the foundations of the design concept we’ll create for your luxury home.

Whether your block is small, large, odd-shaped, or sloped, we will create a solution that works for you and your lifestyle. Our in-house design team covers everything from concept design to interior design to structural and building design—and they work with you to understand your specific style and design preferences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Queenslander feel, mid-century, or a tech-fired modern home, we will develop a design outcome that reflects who you are, and delivers a high-quality finish.

Where some builders might outsource the design process to a building designer or architect, we’ve in-sourced so we can work closely with you to ensure we not only control the whole process but have a deep understanding of your wants and needs from day one. This all-inclusive service provides you with peace of mind from the initial stages of creating the vision for your home, to its design, construction, and final delivery.

Because of our ability to control the entire process, we can work with you to ensure all things are considered when designing and building your home, including:

  • Your current and future lifestyle
  • The constraints and opportunities of your building site
  • Your preferred aesthetics
  • Your budget.

Being able to provide a unique solution to your specific requirements is one of the benefits of designing and building a home with a builder.

The steps we take to design and build your dream home:

  1. Engagement. Let’s talk – we want to hear it all. Let’s cover your site, your lifestyle, your plans, and your budget.
  2. Design. We introduce you to one of our in-house designers who will meet with you to discuss and develop your design.
  3. Consultants. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and engage all necessary consultants.
  4. Quote. Once you’ve fallen in love with and signed off on the design, we’ll present a fixed price costing so you can know exactly what you’ll be paying.
  5. Contracts. Where it really gets real – signing on the dotted line. Once done, this lets us lock in a construction start date and map out your build.
  6. Construction. The tangible milestone, construction begins.
  7. Handover. The best part – welcome to your dream home.