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Everything Solar & Efficiency with Sam from Gardel Electrical & Solar

On todays episode we have Sam from Gardel Electrical and Solar. 

We discuss ways to improve your...


Paddington House - Insights From The Owner

On todays episode we a special guest, one of our past clients from a project we completed in 2019,...


Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building

Building a home can be an overwhelming task, and its important to be aware of some of the most...


Choosing A Builder

On todays episode we will discuss how to choose the right builder for your project. 

Choosing a...


Market Update

In todays episode we thought we would do something different and provide an update of what we see...


Plungie - Award Winning Concrete Swimming Pools

On todays episode we have a very special guest, James from Plungie. 

Plungie is an award winning...


What Should Be In A Build Quote & Contract

In todays episode we detail what should be in a build quote. A build contract is the most important...


What Documents You Need For A Successful Build

In todays episode we outline what documents you require to set up for a successful build. There are...


Guest Episode James Foley - Folar Studio

In today's episode we have our first guest, James Foley from Folar Studio - Architecture &...


Renovation VS New Build

In Todays episode we discuss one of the most asked about questions when clients start their journey...


When To Engage a Builder

When to engage a builder? This is a question we hear a lot and one that we believe is not done...


The 4 Phases of the build Process – Stage 04 – Construction

The final episode of the 4 phases of the build process, this last stage is construction. This is...


The 4 phases of the build process - Stage 03 - Costing & Contracts

We continue our journey on the 4 phases of the build process, with this episode about stage 03...


The 4 Phases of the build Process – Stage 02 – Design

Stage 2 of the 4 phases of the build process is Design. This is normally the most exciting stage of...


The 4 Phases of the build Process – Stage 01 – Preliminary

Today we cover Stage 1 of the 4 phased of the build process. Stage 1 is Preliminary, what is...