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Solar and Renewable Energy For Homes

by Jeremy Thomason on

Building a Sustainable Future with Gardel Electrical and Solar

We recently had Sam Gardel from Gardel Electrical and Solar as a special guest on our podcast Building with Bluebird. Sam is the founder of the Queensland-based company, which specializes in designing and installing residential and commercial solar systems, as well as improving energy efficiency in homes, businesses, and farming properties. Gardel Electrical and Solar is now recognised as an industry leader in renewable and sustainable systems. Let's dive into our conversation with Sam and explore the exciting world of solar energy and home efficiency.

The Changing Landscape of Solar and Energy Efficiency:
Sam discusses the evolving landscape of solar energy and energy efficiency, highlighting the advancements in battery technologies, EV charging, and smart switching devices. He emphasizes the need for continuous learning and staying up-to-date with new products and technologies to deliver optimal solutions for clients. As the demand for cleaner energy and electric infrastructure grows, Sam's expertise in energy efficiency becomes increasingly valuable for homeowners and businesses.

Designing Energy Efficient Homes:
Sam advises homeowners to consult with experts in the solar and energy efficiency industry during the design phase of their homes. By incorporating energy-efficient design principles and considering the optimal use of solar energy, homeowners can achieve significant savings on their electricity bills. Sam emphasizes the benefits of electrifying homes, including the use of electric vehicles, solar batteries, and smart switching devices to maximize self-consumption of solar energy.

Optimizing Solar System Size and Consumption:
Sam explains how the size of a solar system affects its daily production, using the example of a standard six-kilowatt system. While the average daily production is around 25 kilowatt-hours, it varies based on seasonal changes in sunlight duration and intensity. Sam also discusses the importance of optimizing energy consumption through smart switching devices, such as diverting excess solar energy to hot water systems, pre-cooling homes, and charging electric vehicles during daylight hours.

The Benefits of Solar and Energy Efficiency:
Sam highlights the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of investing in solar and energy efficiency. With rising gas prices and connection fees, transitioning to an electrified home offers significant financial advantages. Additionally, reducing reliance on traditional power infrastructure and embracing clean energy solutions contribute to a sustainable future.

Our conversation with Sam from Gardel Electrical and Solar has shed light on the importance of solar energy and energy efficiency in building a sustainable future. Sam's expertise in the field, coupled with his commitment to ongoing innovation, positions his company as a leader in designing, installing, and maintaining renewable and sustainable systems. By embracing solar energy and optimizing energy consumption, homeowners and businesses can achieve substantial cost savings while making a positive impact on the environment. For expert advice contact the team at Gardel Electrical and Solar.