Why a knock-down rebuild in Brisbane might be the right choice for you

Posted on: October 4, 2021



Why a knock-down rebuild in Brisbane might be the right choice for you

When looking to upgrade your home there are three commonly thought of choices for creating your dream living space:

·  Buy an existing home to live in, as close to your ideal location as possible

·  Renovate an existing home

·  Find vacant land and build the house you want

Each of these can be the right choice, depending on your priorities. However, each can come with drawbacks.

Buying an existing home to live in can mean you are able to achieve the location you desire, but often means you sacrifice having the home you really want. This brings us to option two.

Renovating an existing home can, again, allow you to prioritise location. However renovating existing builds can mean you are still somewhat locked in to build elements of the existing home, and may also have unpleasant surprises in terms of costs and challenges as the renovation of the existing structure gets underway.

The final of the three commonly thought of options is to buy vacant land and build on it. For those looking to build a home that is customised to their wants and style, this is an excellent option. Unfortunately, in most popular areas in Brisbane, land is scarce. This means you may be sacrificing on location in order to have the home you desire.

Enter a lesser thought of option: Knock-down rebuild

A knock-down rebuild is when you knockdown the existing structure on a block and build the home you want on it.

This approach can allow you to achieve both the location you desire, and a unique design that meets both your needs and wants. 

In addition to location and the ability to custom design your home, there are a few other reasons why a knock-down rebuild in Brisbane may be the choice for you:

Less unpleasant surprises

Renovating can be an appealing option. For many, there is something exciting in transforming an existing structure into something refreshed and new. As with anything though, it is important to be aware of the cons as much as the pros. 

One of the often not talked about risks of renovating is discovering elements of the existing build that need to be repaired or removed, such as unsafe foundations or asbestos. These unpleasant surprises can cost in both time and money to rectify. 

In contrast, in a knock-down rebuild you are starting from scratch so won’t be affected by old building elements. 

More bang for your buck

By building on land you already own, you save on the need to purchase new land and all the purchase and costs that come along with it. 

However it is important to keep in mind that while you may save on the purchase of new land, you do need to budget for the cost of demolition and removal of your old structure. 

Experts make it easy

For many who are first considering a knock-down rebuild it can seem complicated and overwhelming. 

That’s why it is important to speak to a custom homebuilder experienced in the knock-down rebuild process. Not only will they be able to give you an overview of the whole process, but break it down in a way that will give you the full list of considerations you need to make your decision.